Maksim Bozhko

Artist Max Bozhko

My life was connected with art from my early childhood, but only in 2017 I stepped in the world of painting as a professional.

Having tried many professions, to some of which I devoted years and was always deeply involved, each time I faced the necessity of applying my creative skills. In school, during the army service, working in the fields or on the mines or in confectionary business I caught myself on the thought that I would love to write paintings and I tried doing that. Years went by and I spent my time doing all these different jobs, hoping to earn enough money for paints, brushes and canvases. But every job took all my time alongside with the energy and as consequence was damping my desire to paint.

At some point I faced an internal choice to be or not to be an artist, but by that moment the number of ideas which I wanted to realize on the canvas was enormous. So my choice was unequivocal and uncompromising. I refused from any other occupation and dedicated all my time and energy to the world of art. I started following different drawing courses, got to know many teachers, learned from the works of the artists of the past, trying to absorb the secrets of the plots and the play of color and light. And immediately I came across people who were willing to help me in my new profession and all the events happening at that time were opening the doors on my way of an artist.

Already in the August of 2019 I was honored to visit the XVI international planner of the artists, which was held in Puck , in Poland. I met a lot of people , the communication with them had a magnificent influence on me. Thanks to this trip and those artists from Switzerland, Germany , France, Poland, I went even firmer in my idea of the artist’s path. After this trip all my energy and passion were directed to the creation of new works. Half a year after, in February of 2020, I brought my new works to Moscow, where I took part in the exhibition in the modern art gallery Want and Paint. I was noticed there and my new acquaintances from the Creative Union of Professional Artists introduced me to their supervisors and invited me to participate in the exhibition “Literature associations” which was held in the Expocentre of Tushino.

New passion, new energy, new ideas. I am breathing life in them and with every new painting I see myself even more definitely in the world of art. In the world where all my previous, non artistic experience, which burns in the prisms of my soul and every shade of which is reflected in my works. In the world where every shape that I choose is immediately filled with the craze of colors and emotions. In the world where my creative work inspires me to write poetry and my verse transforms in music, which pours on the canvas with new color harmony. I am an artist. The word “Artist” sounds proudly. I’m extremely pleased to introduce myself to you.