Artist Nelly Beck 

Ever since my youth the urge to pursue painting and drawing as a profession accompanied me. I was born and raised in what was then still socialist Poland, in a city which, however, cast a lot of light on the world beyond the Iron Curtain. Gdynia, my home town, was not called the "window on the world" for nothing. And so it came that the hunger to travel the world and taste the western freedom prevented me from following this call. Art did not become part of my career.

Instead, I sought my strengths in fundraising and marketing, while art was pushed to the back row, until it was completely banned from my life. But this was not at all regrettable, as it had the positive side effect of bringing me closer to many incredible and wonderful people.

Nelly Beck Künstlerin

However, the flame of creativity continued to blaze in the background and the lake of ideas grew steadily. As it is, one's own personality and passions can never be completely suppressed. Again and again the longing for brush and canvas broke through my everyday life, the inspiration, the desire to let forms and colours melt into a work of art... they did not let go of me.

In 2014, two years after settling in Switzerland on Lake Zurich, I decided to pursue this inner urge and dared to re-enter art. Since then, art has determined the majority of my private time and I made the decision to further educate myself in this craft.

People, their actions, movements, feelings and thoughts inspire me. It is my passion to capture this inspiration in pictures and to interpret it with the help of different colours and forms.

My visit to the XVI International Artists' Meeting in Puck, Poland in September 2019 and the wonderful new friendships with professional artists from different countries that came along with it, strengthened my motivation to go my own way. The dialogue and the joint exhibition during the meeting also strongly influenced my artistic development. Shortly afterwards, I began to further my education even more intensively and began to attend the Art and Design School in Zurich regularly.